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Dr. Steve Hollister

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Grand Valley State University 1982
Doctor of Dental Surgery from University of Michigan Dental School 1987

Member, Central District Dental Association
Member, Michigan Dental Association
Member, American Dental Association
Member, Academy for Sports Dentistry
Associate Member, Academy of General Dentistry
Associate Member, International Association for Orthodontics
Member, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
Director, Myofunctional Research Clinic, Owosso, MI.

Dr. Hollister’s work with the Academy for Sports Dentistry, the International Association of Orthodontics and the Bioresearch Corporation has enabled him to become an authority on numerous arenas involving growth and development and TMJ dysfunction including: airway obstructions and affects on facial growth and development, use of removable appliances for the developing of dental arches, Joint Vibration Analysis, TMJ repositioning techniques and mouth guard fabrication and its effects on athletic performance.

Dr. Hollister has worked with children, adults and athletes over the past 15 years guiding them to superior results in orthodontic/orthopedic treatment; and optimizing results in the athletic venue. His knowledge of airway obstruction, facial growth, athletic oxygen intake, and the golden facial proportions has allowed him to treat numerous orthodontic, TMJ and compromised airway cases in his general dental practice.

Dr. Hollister is a general dentist, with an eye for facial beauty and proportion. His treatment philosophies for his patients are to give them the ability to breathe, a beautiful smile and a balanced face. By combining techniques he has learned over the years through seminars, literature reviews and hands on training; he constantly strives to give each patient the beauty and self-esteem they all deserve. His dedication to dentistry has allowed him to gain over 1700 hours in continuing education over the past 15 years; with approximately one half of those hours committed to the orthodontic/orthopedic arena.

Dr. Hollister believes that the days of doing “cookbook orthodontics” are gone. Each of his patients needs and deserves a specialized treatment plan to optimize their esthetics, growth potential and facial beauty. His passion for this subject will open your eyes to the niche that he has developed in his successful general dental practice.

    Central District Dental Association       Michigan Dental Association       American Dental Association

       Academy for Sports Dentistry         Academy General Dentistry         International Association for Orthodontics       Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
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